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Posted on February 18, 2018

Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Maintenance Company

Is your hardwood floor looking dull, sticky and dirty despite trying numerous products? Look no more. The Carpet Cleaning Co. can restore the finish of one's hardwood floors to its original beauty. You’ll be astonished by the implications our process. Unlike other methods, our process is low odor, non-toxic, and virtually dust-free. You won’t have to be out of the home for days while it’s drying. Our Wood Floor Cleaning & Maintenance process will dry the same day and also you might be able to walk on it after 4 hours; after 24 hours your furniture might be moved back again.

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Why Should You Choose Our Wood Floor Cleaning & Maintenance Service?

At The Carpet Cleaning Co., we all know most individuals setup a hardwood floor because it was said they last forever and requires low maintenance, but this isn't true. We drag dry soil in on the present shoes,socks or feet which functions like sandpaper and damages the finish. Every hardwood floor receives different treatment (the consistency of vacuuming or dust mopping, using cleaning solutions and the quantity of traffic from pets and youngsters). Unfortunately, wood flooring, like all flooring, will sooner or later require restoration maintenance. That’s why at The Carpet Cleaning Co. we provide three different hardwood floor services:

  1. Hardwood Floor Cleaning
  2. Hardwood Floor Recoating
  3. Expert Hardwood Floor Refinishing

In addition to regular cleanings, we say that you reapply the protective finish to all of your hardwood floors every 12 to 18 months. This ensures they’ll stay protected as well as maintaining your target weight their new, pristine shine for many years to come. Eventually, though, normal abrasion gets its toll, and also your hardwood flooring will have to be sanded down, re-stained, and refinished. It is easiest and least expensive to take action when your room is empty, and then we recommend you leave the house or, at the minimum, stay off your floors for about 4 to 5 days. Because of this, it’s it is essential to plan ahead.

Give Your Floors a Facelift with Our Expert Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services

Whether you've domestic or exotic hardwood flooring, or engineered wood floors, our experts can help you keep them in pristine condition through regular cleaning and maintenance. We specialize in the best hardwood floor cleaning services, hardwood floor repair, and wood floor refinishing. Keep reading to learn more options when it comes to cleaning and keeping up with beautiful hardwood flooring.

Don’t let those model homes fool you… cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors is exertions. We learn about the how to go about ensuring no damage is completed while giving your floors a gorgeous shine you'll be able to be proud of. Unfortunately, it’s not so simple as breaking out the mop and broom. But thankfully, The Carpet Cleaning Co. employs a dust extraction technique which may safely remove the dirt from deep within your floor’s cracks for a fresh you possibly can count on. We utilize only the best products and technologies in relation to wood floor cleaning in Northern California. This effect is what sets us apart from our competitors, alongside the variety of services and exceptional value we offer in all areas of hardwood flooring installation and maintenance.

When years of stains, dents and scratches have left your hardwood floors dull and damaged, hardwood floor refinishing may be the answer. The team at The Carpet Cleaning Co. can sand down your floors and carefully refinish them to perfection. Although it can be a lengthier process, refinishing can cover everything from discoloration and moisture to scratches and dents.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning/Refinishing/Installation

Beyond simply eliminating damaged areas, hardwood floor refinishing gives you the opportunity to revamp the rooms in your home. Throughout, our experts can introduce dream life for your floors generate stain that matches the opposite wood and furniture in your home. The attractive result adds value to your home and requires little maintenance.

The Carpet Cleaning Co. understands the exertions that is needed for cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors which is precisely why it’s needed to properly clean. The mop and broom are simply not minimize for your complexities associated with cleaning hardwood floors, however, The Carpet Cleaning Co.’s technique for dirt extraction from deep inside the cracks of a persons beautiful floors is. With proper procedures we will leave your property and floors looking fantastic!

Wooden floors are an advisable investment that can boost the value of your home while enhancing its interior aesthetic in many ways. Contact us today to ask for a free quote at 916-706-3211. Review some of our past work to get an idea of what our experienced team of flooring specialists can do for you, then make a decision to get started.


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